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Adding ivar documentation for the Key object.

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class Key(object):
+ """
+ Represents a key (object) in an S3 bucket.
+ :ivar bucket: The parent :class:`boto.s3.bucket.Bucket`.
+ :ivar name: The name of this Key object.
+ :ivar metadata: A dictionary containing user metadata that you
+ wish to store with the object or that has been retrieved from
+ an existing object.
+ :ivar cache_control: The value of the `Cache-Control` HTTP header.
+ :ivar content_type: The value of the `Content-Type` HTTP header.
+ :ivar content_encoding: The value of the `Content-Encoding` HTTP header.
+ :ivar content_disposition: The value of the `Content-Disposition` HTTP
+ header.
+ :ivar content_language: The value of the `Content-Language` HTTP header.
+ :ivar etag: The `etag` associated with this object.
+ :ivar last_modified: The string timestamp representing the last
+ time this object was modified in S3.
+ :ivar owner: The ID of the owner of this object.
+ :ivar storage_class: The storage class of the object. Currently, one of:
+ :ivar md5: The MD5 hash of the contents of the object.
+ :ivar size: The size, in bytes, of the object.
+ :ivar version_id: The version ID of this object, if it is a versioned
+ object.
+ :ivar encrypted: Whether the object is encrypted while at rest on
+ the server.
+ """
DefaultContentType = 'application/octet-stream'

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