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Wait until the instance is running before assigning the elastic IP to…

… it. Otherwise you get an EC2 InvalidInstanceId error with a message like the following:

The instance 'i-3b367653' is not in the 'running' state
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commit 46b4d1c2bbf63fa551daa45469a3ebbb5c091346 1 parent 56b5a5d
walsh159 authored
Showing with 4 additions and 1 deletion.
  1. +4 −1 boto/manage/
5 boto/manage/
@@ -318,7 +318,10 @@ def create(cls, config_file=None, logical_volume = None, cfg = None, **params):
elastic_ip = params.get('elastic_ip')
instances = reservation.instances
if elastic_ip != None and instances.__len__() > 0:
- instances[0].use_ip(elastic_ip)
+ instance = instances[0]
+ while instance.update() != 'running':
+ time.sleep(1)
+ instance.use_ip(elastic_ip)
print 'set the elastic IP of the first instance to %s' % elastic_ip
for instance in instances:
s = cls()
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