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Fixed bug where Requirement objects didn't include an IntegerValue pa…

…rameter if the value was zero.
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1 parent 0ccfda5 commit 759cf13352b0f3ceec1ea8a790913fdb18d3c4dc @sethoscope sethoscope committed
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2 boto/mturk/
@@ -55,7 +55,7 @@ def get_as_params(self):
"QualificationTypeId": self.qualification_type_id,
"Comparator": self.comparator,
- if self.comparator != 'Exists' and self.integer_value:
+ if self.comparator != 'Exists' and self.integer_value is not None:
params['IntegerValue'] = self.integer_value
if self.required_to_preview:
params['RequiredToPreview'] = "true"

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