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Add params arg to AWSAuthConnection.make_request

This arg is then forwarded to build_base_http_request,
which previously was always passing an empty params dict.
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1 parent 2ed16af commit adb238e5d2a2a2f5bade8a84ef2fc706d790061f @jamesls jamesls committed Sep 19, 2012
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  1. +5 −2 boto/
7 boto/
@@ -900,10 +900,13 @@ def build_base_http_request(self, method, path, auth_path,
path, auth_path, params, headers, data)
def make_request(self, method, path, headers=None, data='', host=None,
- auth_path=None, sender=None, override_num_retries=None):
+ auth_path=None, sender=None, override_num_retries=None,
+ params=None):
"""Makes a request to the server, with stock multiple-retry logic."""
+ if params is None:
+ params = {}
http_request = self.build_base_http_request(method, path, auth_path,
- {}, headers, data, host)
+ params, headers, data, host)
return self._mexe(http_request, sender, override_num_retries)
def close(self):

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