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commit ee4e4608df6b83e8915f46761f4c2039d6850281 2 parents 0e2639c + 21e3001
@garnaat garnaat authored
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  1. +11 −0 boto/s3/
11 boto/s3/
@@ -565,6 +565,11 @@ def delete_key(self, key_name, headers=None,
This value is required anytime you are
deleting versioned objects from a bucket
that has the MFADelete option on the bucket.
+ :rtype: :class:`boto.s3.key.Key` or subclass
+ :returns: A key object holding information on what was deleted.
+ The Caller can see if a delete_marker was created or
+ removed and what version_id the delete created or removed.
provider = self.connection.provider
if version_id:
@@ -582,6 +587,12 @@ def delete_key(self, key_name, headers=None,
if response.status != 204:
raise provider.storage_response_error(response.status,
response.reason, body)
+ else:
+ # return a key object with information on what was deleted.
+ k = self.key_class(self)
+ = key_name
+ k.handle_version_headers(response)
+ return k
def copy_key(self, new_key_name, src_bucket_name,
src_key_name, metadata=None, src_version_id=None,
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