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cloudformation: create_stack raises 505 if userdata > 9000 bytes. #1037

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aranhoide James Saryerwinnie

I'm getting the following error when trying to create a CloudFormation stack in boto 2.6, if I create a stack that includes an EC2 instance with user-data larger than 9000 bytes:

File "/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/boto-2.6.0-py2.7.egg/boto/cloudformation/", line 208, in create_stack
  raise self.ResponseError(response.status, response.reason, body)
boto.exception.BotoServerError: BotoServerError: 505 HTTP Version Not Supported

In boto 2.5 I got the stack created with no errors. Using git bisect, I narrowed the introduction of this issue down to the following change:

commit a7116e8be79971a89be7818d61a8e820bb3b0e09
Author: James Saryerwinnie <[e-mail redacted out]>
Date:   Mon Jul 9 11:24:28 2012 -0700

    Switch cloudformation over to sigv4


Steffen Opel sopel referenced this issue in cityindex-attic/ec2-clock-accuracy-research

Removed cross region functionality. #32

James Saryerwinnie jamesls referenced this issue from a commit in jamesls/boto
James Saryerwinnie Add failing integration test for sigv4 failure
This repros #1037.
James Saryerwinnie

I believe this is fixed now from #1081.

The root cause was a bug in the sigv4 implementation (I've added an integration test that calls create_stack with large template sizes that catches this issue so we shouldn't run into this again).

Let me know if you're still running into problems with the latest changes.

James Saryerwinnie jamesls closed this
Marc Abramowitz msabramo referenced this issue from a commit in msabramo/boto
James Saryerwinnie Add failing integration test for sigv4 failure
This repros #1037.
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