Instance role not working in elasticbeanstalk #1075

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DenisQC commented Oct 23, 2012

I have a problem with elasticbeanstalk and instance roles on boto 2.6.0.

Consider the following script :

if args.awsAccessKeyId == None:
    beanstalk_conn = boto.connect_beanstalk()
    beanstalk_conn = boto.connect_beanstalk(args.awsAccessKeyId, args.awsSecretKey)
beanstalk_conn.create_application_version(application_name = args.application,
                                            version_label = args.versionName,
                                            description = args.description,
                                            s3_bucket = args.s3Bucket,
                                            s3_key = args.s3Key,
                                            auto_create_application = True)

Running the script on an Amazon EC2 instance with the appropriate instance role without specifying an Access Key results in this error :

11:40:11 boto.exception.BotoServerError: BotoServerError: 400 Bad Request
11:40:11 None

If an AWS Access Key is specified, the script works.

Also, describe operations seems to work with instance roles.

Thanks a lot!

@DenisQC DenisQC closed this Oct 24, 2012
DenisQC commented Oct 24, 2012

Closed, it seems that this is related to AWS not supporting IAM roles with elasticbeanstalk

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