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cloudformation create_stack gets "505 HTTP Version Not Supported" if stack template large #1097

jimfulton opened this Issue Nov 6, 2012 · 5 comments

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Where large is somewhere between 7207 and 8630.

I'm generating templates from Python and I've run into this problem. So far, I've been able to work around it by reducing the indentation level on my json.dumps call.

This is similar to issue 1037:

  • The breakage seems to have been introduced in a7116e8

  • The issue isn't the length of user data, but, apparently the template length.

I'm able to provoke/mitigate this error by increasing/decreasing indentation in the JSON.
(Obviously, if I had a lot more resources, I'd be unable to work around the problem.)


fwiw, reverting that one commit fixes the problem, but I guess y'all already knew that.

There's a rumor someone's figured out what's wrong. If not, can you
revert this and make a 2.6.1?

the boto project member
jamesls commented Nov 6, 2012

Hi, I believe this is now fixed, would you mind trying against the latest commit?

The root cause was an issue with the Sigv4 implementation, which was fixed in #1081

@jamesls jamesls closed this Nov 6, 2012

Yes! Thanks.

Any chance of a 2.6.1 soon?

pilt commented Dec 19, 2012




This has just bitten me too...

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