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boto.s3.key.Key.set_contents_from_filename() incorrectly urlencodes 'attachment; filename=""' header value #1381

dpapathanasiou opened this Issue · 1 comment

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I have Content-Disposition header values that look like this:

attachment; filename*=UTF-8''My Human-Readable Filename.pdf

But when I view the metadata information on the S3 console, after uploading, it has
been urlencoded like this:


So when I download the file, it ignores the Content-Disposition header entirely, which defeats the purpose of having it.

Any way of getting boto to pass the Content-Disposition value correctly?

Here's what I'm doing currently:

    # create a key to keep track of our file in the storage 
    k = Key(bucket)
    k.key = file_base_name(filename)
    # set the content-disposition so that when downloaded it has the human readable title instead of the pdf uuid
    content_disposition = u''.join(["attachment; filename*=UTF-8''", human_readable_filename, '.pdf'])
    k.set_contents_from_filename(filename, headers={'Content-Disposition':content_disposition}) # but adds unwanted urlencoding :(

    # make it public so it can be accessed
    # using a URL like

There's a partial answer to this problem (thanks to Tony for suggesting it):

But it remains unresolved for file names which require unicode.

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