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Bucket name is always checked for lowercase when using create_bucket, regardless of calling format #1819

joepie91 opened this Issue · 1 comment

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I've been attempting to use boto for the Internet Archive S3-like API, and used calling_format=OrdinaryCallingFormat() as a connection parameter (as advised) to be able to use mixed-case bucket names.

However, when using create_bucket, it still complains about my mixed-case bucket name.

The cause seems to be here, where check_lowercase_bucketname is called regardless of calling format:


Non-DNS compatible names are supported with path style bucket format in the US standard region (and numerous S3 compatible technologies), so creating uppercase bucket names with OrdinaryCallingFormat should be supported, even if not best practice (existing application with a specific naming policy and cannot use python:boto to create new content).
Getting buckets with uppercase names is already supported with OrdinaryCallingFormat. Perhaps push bucket name validation into the CallingFormat classes or separate into a selectable Class like the CallingFormat classes, with the default being DNS compatible.
The check_lowercase isn't really sufficient to check valid DNS compatible bucket names if that is the intent, beginning/ending with a period, double periods, underscores, etc.

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