In 2.25.0 GoogleStorage generate_url() returns url with AWSAccessKeyId instead of GoogleAccessId #2108

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ghost commented Feb 19, 2014

When generating a Google Storage signed url:

conn = boto.connect_gs(gs_access_key, gs_secret_access)
signed_url = conn.generate_url(900, 'GET', bucket=bucket_name, key=file_name)

signed_url is of the form:**AWSAccessKeyId**=gs_access_key

But should be of the form:**GoogleAccessId**=gs_access_key


It looks like the example at the veeery bottom of this page agrees with you:

@mfschwartz is using AWSAccessKeyId not supported or just not the recommended way to do this?


It looks like the value is hard-coded into the Google Storage class:

ghost commented Feb 24, 2014

When using AWSAccessKeyId Google Storage replies with a 403 AccessDenied response

Yes, changing the line in to QueryString = 'Signature=%s&Expires=%d&GoogleAccessId=%s' fixes the issue.

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