Empty item is not "falsey"? #2127

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On the Web documentation, I read:

Empty items, or items that have no data, are considered falsey.

However, I don't seem to be seeing that behavior... For example:

>>> bool(boto.dynamodb2.items.Item('MyTable'))
>>> bool(boto.dynamodb2.table.Table('MyTable').get_item(myKey='missing_value'))

I can work around this easily, but wonder if this is a bug...


I'm afraid I don't quite follow. When a key isn't found, DDB returns an empty response ({}). Boto's Table sees this & should raise an exception - https://github.com/boto/boto/blob/develop/boto/dynamodb2/table.py#L485-L492

What does boto.dynamodb2.table.Table('MyTable').get_item(myKey='missing_value') return? If it's an Item instance, what's in item._data?

Also, what version of Boto are you using? Thanks.


Yes the return value of that command is an Item instance, and item._data is {}. My question is whether bool(item) should evaluate to False, as seems to be suggested by the documentation.

I'm using version 2.9.6. Thanks.

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The current version of Boto is 2.27.0. The "false-y" behavior was added in 2.20.0 (808e550), so I'd recommend upgrading if possible.


Ah, right, I should have checked the versions. Sorry!

I had installed it on my system using apt-get install python-boto, rather than pip install boto.

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