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gtaylor commented Jan 20, 2012

Write an SNS tutorial. This one should be relatively easy.

  • Create a topic (very similar, regardless of type)
  • Manage subscriptions
  • Broadcast over a topic
  • Delete topic

I guess no one has done this. Is there any example code available for creating iOS or Android endpoints for use in a subscribe call? I need to implement push notifications using boto.


@simongray Once you have your topic/platform-application/platform-endpoint setup, something to the effect of https://gist.github.com/toastdriven/7257390 should work. You need to double JSON-encode (one for the APNS or GCM values, another for the overall message). If you just do a single encode at the message level, it will fail & you won't get a particularly useful error.


@toastdriven thanks :)

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