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Alternative way to connect to services #806

pilt opened this Issue Jun 9, 2012 · 0 comments

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pilt commented Jun 9, 2012

In a project of mine I use services in multiple regions and with different access keys. For example, I must use CloudSearch in us-east-1 because it unavailable in my "main" region, which is eu-west-1. I also use different access credentials for different tasks. I found that a global ~/.boto config does not mesh well with this kind of usage and needed some way to pass around a configuration for connecting, with the possibility to override parameters (region, access credentials) as needed.

The interface I come up with:

from aws import connect

default_connect = connect.with_params(region="eu-west-1", 

# Connections to various services:
dynamodb_conn = default_connect.to_dynamodb()
sqs_conn = default_connect.to_sqs()

# Services not available in eu-west-1:
us_connect = default_connect.with_params(region="us-east-1")
cloudsearch_conn = us_connect.to_cloudsearch()
swf_conn = us_connect.to_swf()

Would something like this be interesting to include in Boto?

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