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These commits add support for listing, creating and removing tags to and from RDS-DBInstances (ListTagsForResource, AddTagsToResource and RemoveTagsFromResource API calls).

Amazon requires an ARN to reference the DBInstance on which the actions are performed, but doesn't supply this ARN, afaik. I added a property to the DBInstance-class, which uses IAM (for the account-id) to construct the ARN itself when asked for. It's not very clean, but I didn't see another way. If Amazon does supply the ARN in another way, or in the future, this could easily be removed while retaining backwards compatibility.

I'm hoping to add support for a TaggedRDSResource, similar to the TaggedEC2Resource.

I welcome your thought and suggestions!

@gertjanol gertjanol closed this Oct 15, 2012

Created a new pullrequest with the same commits, but in it's own featurebranch (#1061)

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