Cleanup and merge s3multiput into s3put #1078

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glance- commented Oct 24, 2012

I found that s3put and s3multiput have diverged a bit from each other, so i re-synced them with each other and ported the missing functionality between them.

Then i made the "multi" functionality optional and merged that into s3put.

Anton Lundin added some commits Oct 17, 2012

Anton Lundin s3put s3multiput: Cleanup and resync of the code.
Both of them have the same heritage, and it would be nice they where
kept in sync.
Anton Lundin s3put: add --key_prefix to prefix keys in s3 933128c
Anton Lundin s3put: remove erronus v in getopt 9d8983f
Anton Lundin s3put: document --headers option 46cbbf8
Anton Lundin s3multiput: add --header to send custom headers fc8ac93
Anton Lundin s3multiput: expand prefix path
This is the same as 08e6393, but for
Anton Lundin s3put s3multiput: remove unused counter total 1e575db
Anton Lundin s3multiput: Make multipart optional e377805
Anton Lundin pep8 cleanup c06d56f
Anton Lundin s3put s3multiput: Merge multiput functionality into s3put 5c0c353
Anton Lundin s3put: refactor main and add muliple path support
There were quite a bit duplicated code in main so it got factored out.
Now it also can send multiple files/dirs to s3 in the same run.
Anton Lundin s3put: message when multipart upload not available
Print a message with some hint about why multipart upload not is

glance- referenced this pull request Oct 24, 2012


Resync s3put s3multiput #1064

kopertop merged commit 9c82c9d into boto:develop Oct 25, 2012

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