Fixed a couple of annoyances in Route53 #1084

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I made 2 changes here.

First, I added cleaning of the zone_id when it is passed into a function which requires it. The default form of the "Id" in the zone is "/hostedzone/". This means that you must remove the "/hostedzone/" part in your application to have a usable "Id" value. I just added that removal automatically. Perhaps the better approach here is to remove the "/hostedzone/" portion of the "Id" before returning it.

Second, I have no idea why you couldn't pass in the resource_records list to ResourceRecordSets.add_change(). Instead, you would have to take the returned Record instance and add them manually. I just added resource_records as an optional argument to add_change().

@garnaat garnaat commented on the diff Jan 8, 2013
@@ -273,6 +275,8 @@ def get_all_rrsets(self, hosted_zone_id, type=None,
:param maxitems: The maximum number of records
+ from boto.route53.record import ResourceRecordSets
garnaat Jan 8, 2013

Why is this here?

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