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resolves issue #1435


@garnaat : What's required to have this merged into develop (and later into master) ? I'm interested in seeing this in master, so I can contribute with any required steps.

Already reviewed the source code and it looks clean. Will be testing in a bit.


Thanks for the pull request! Given how involved this patch is, it definitely needs some tests to make sure we don't regress. If you have time to add them, that'd be great & would greatly speed up the merge. Otherwise, this will need to wait until a core dev has time to write those tests.


I agree. However, I don't know when I'll be able to create them, so please keep this open in the meantime. If I begin work on tests, I'll comment here and then close this and resubmit a new pull request. If I don't get the opportunity, at least the code has been contributed and either a core dev or someone else can contribute the tests.

mveitas commented Jul 25, 2013

toastdriven, are there any suggestions for creating tests for these sorts of things? I am pretty new to python, but this is an important feature that I am willing to muck through writing some tests for this if needed in order to get this merged.


@mveitas I haven't actually created tests using unittest, but I would assume that the process would be similar to the tests here: https://github.com/boto/boto/blob/develop/tests/unit/rds/test_connection.py e.g.

  • get some XML responses from AWS that exercise the vpc security groups functionality and put them in the test
  • have unittest confirm the methods and objects in the code return the right values

You can get the XML from boto by enabling debug level logging in the root logger. For sure next time, I'll be creating the tests up front 😩

@dialt0ne dialt0ne closed this Apr 24, 2014
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