add UniqueRequestToken option to mturk connection CreateHIT API #1779

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libscott commented Oct 9, 2013

A unique identifier for this request. Allows you to retry the call on error without creating duplicate HITs."

Havn't been able to test this since running python tests/ seemed to stall forever (see below), but it's a simple change so it should just require a test run to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Stack trace from cancelling

File "/Users/scott/Code/boto/boto/manage/", line 6, in <module>
  volume = Volume.create()
File "/Users/scott/Code/boto/boto/manage/", line 99, in create
  getter.get(cls, params)
File "/Users/scott/Code/boto/boto/manage/", line 70, in get
File "/Users/scott/Code/boto/boto/manage/", line 40, in get_region
  params['region'] = propget.get(prop, choices=boto.ec2.regions)
File "/Users/scott/Code/boto/boto/manage/", line 42, in get
  value = raw_input('%s [%d-%d]: ' % (prompt, min, max))

Hi! Is there anything I can do to help this get merged in? I need the same feature :)

@toastdriven toastdriven removed their assignment Mar 31, 2015
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