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beanstalk Changing ElasticBeanstalk to use SigV4.
cacerts Added new root certs to cacerts.txt, to provide additional flexibilit…
cloudformation Added tests for the cloudformation millisecond bug.
cloudfront Removed overeager seek
cloudsearch Updated requests to something more modern.
contrib Remove m2helpers module in contrib
core [refs #1238] - replaces default json imports by boto.compat ones
datapipeline BACKWARD-INCOMPATIBLE: Changed ``error_code`` to ``error_id`` to matc…
dynamodb Trying to make the docs around the count param a bit more clear.
dynamodb2 Fixed a bug where an instance variable was not present in the low-lev…
ec2 Modifiy EbsOptimized param type in LauchConfig.
ecs Checking in files missing from last commit and fixing github issue #222
elasticache Merge pull request #1330 from pasc/elasticache_inline_docs_fix
elastictranscoder Updated Elastic Transcoder with new API options.
emr Fixed up sphinx warnings in emr inline docs
file add get_contents_to_file() implementation to boto/file/
fps Fixed up sphinx warnings in fps inline docs
manage Make num_retries a parameter when connecting to SSH server.
mashups allowing unicode strings in iobject item_list
mturk properly escaping URL appearing inside xml
mws Merge pull request #1067 from Threadless/mws-report-request-info-list
opsworks Updated Opsworks to add ELB support & handle the latest parameters.
pyami Consolidate simplejson/json imports to a compat module
rds added docs for param_group in rds modify
redshift Add eu-west-1 endpoint for Redshift.
roboto Resolved merge conflict and a bit more PEP8 cleanup.
route53 Fixed up sphinx warnings in route53 inline docs
s3 Make s3 key buffer size configurable.
sdb Replacing print statements with logger calls.
services Merge pull request #799 from gholms/sorted
ses Minor pep8 cleanup
sns Clean up some unnessary if statements
sts Added support for web identity federation.
support Bumped the ``APIVersion`` on the support client.
swf Merge pull request #1327 from oozie/swf-l2_repr_fix
vpc Bumping version to 2.9.5 change os.path.normpath to posixpath.normpath because on windows os.p… Reworking the auth handlers so they are selected based on capability … Consolidate simplejson/json imports to a compat module Allow port override in boto config Remove trailing space Fixed a problem with keyword args in call to Element constructor. Making the construction of the glob pattern more friendly to non-posi… Allow port override in boto config WIP: This should be a complete set of changes to enable testing of ce… Add GCS versioning support. Add clarifying comment about using OrdinaryCallingFormat in storage_uri.
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