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Type stubs for botocore and boto3. **Note: This project is a work in-progess**
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Boto Stubs

This repo contains a generator that produces type hints for botocore as well as the generated output. These type hints can be used both for the purpose of static type analysis and for dot completion support. The latter is relevant because botocore's classes don't exist until runtime, and therefore IDEs cannot know all the methods that will be available without this.


This project is currently a work in-progress and is not yet intended for production.

Installation / Usage

To make use of the type hints, install the botocore-stubs package. mypy will automatically pick up on the type hints for botocore, even without expclitit annotations in your code. Other tools compatible with PEP561 style packages should also work.

Currently only botocore is supported. If you are using boto3 you will need to annotate your calls to boto3.client like so:

s3 = boto3.client('s3')  # type: botocore.client.S3

There is a known issue where boto3-specific methods, such as upload_file are not present in the stub files.


This project uses black and pre-commit to enforce sytle on python code. On macOS you can do the following to get started:

brew install pre-commit
pre-commit install

That will set up the hooks to run black on every commit.


This repo contains multiple packages:

  • botocore-stubs is the stubs-only package that provides type hints for botocore. Most of it is generated code.
  • botogen is the code generator for the stubs packages.

When boto3 support is added, it will be under its own package, boto3-stubs.

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