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M5Stack MultiApp Advanced

Using this app, M5Stack can run all included apps without reflashing/rebooting

- This is the continued development of the original M5Stack MultiApp firmware

- This project is made on PlatformIO IDE

- With some minor work it can be adapted to other IDE's like VisualStudio+VisualMicro or Eclipse.

  • This project use modifed M5Stack M5StackSAM and EspAudio libraryes from project local storage.


Installing and Compiling the firmware

First, you must install the necessary tools and prepare the IDE environment

  • Download (and unzip) this repository
  • Download and Install Visual Studio Code
  • Install the PlatformIO Extension
  • Install ESP32 Platform on PlatformIO
  • Open the MultiApp Project folder on PlatformIO
  • Click the BUILD button image
    • This will build and Flash the firmware to M5Stack connected to your PC USB
  • To use Local Ota to flash your M5Stack
    • The M5Stack must be connected to the same network as your PC
    • In the project "platformio.ini" file set "upload_port = [your M5StackIP]"

The project include:

  • Applications
    • Dual Channel Oscilloscope
      • Signals
        • Pin 35 Channel 1
        • Pin 36 Channel 2
        • Pin 26 Signal Generator
      • Oscilloscope Menu Structure:
        • Stop / Run frame
        • Sensitivity for each channel:
          • 50mV, 100mV, 200mV, 500mV, 1V per division
        • Sample Rate
          • 0.3ms, 0.6ms, 1ms, 2ms, 5ms, 10ms, 20ms, 50ms, 0.1s, 0.2s, 0.5s, 1s, 2s, 5s, 10s per division
      • Channel modes for each channel
        • Normal, Inverted, Off
      • Offset for each channel
      • Trigger Switch
        • Trigger from Channel 1 or Channel 2
      • Trigger Mode
        • Auto, Normal, Scan, One Frame
        • Trigger Level 0 - 100 %
      • Trigger Edge
        • Rising (UP)
        • Falling (DN)
      • Internal Signal Generator mode
        • Wave signal
        • Square signal
        • Triangular Signal 1
        • Triangular Signal 2
        • Signal Generator OFF
      • Exit Oscilloscope App
    • WebRadio
      • Support Volume Adjustment
      • Support Stations change on the fly
      • Long press NEXT key to exit from Radio App
      • Display Volume Level
      • Display Data buffer state
      • If the connection is lost or the buffer runs empty, will try to recover the connection.
      • If the connection can't be recovered, will connect to the next station on the list
      • Can play MP3 streams
      • Web Radio streams are stored on SD Card on "RadioStations.txt" file
      • Support theoretically unlimited station list
        • The stations must be defined on separate lines as follow: "StationName=StationLink;
    • Weather Station
      • Display Current Weather
      • Display 5 days weather forecast
      • Display Current Weather details
      • Display 2 days and 2 nights forecast details
      • Support multiple display languages
        • The City, Country, Language and WUnderground Api key Must be defined on WeatherParams.txt file on SD card
    • WebServer with web based SD File manager
      • Can run in the background once started
      • You can use other apps when the webserver is running
      • List SD Folders
      • Create Folder
      • Delete Folder
      • Download files
      • Upload Files
      • Delete Files
      • Display Files Content (images, text, etc...)
    • SD Browser that support
      • Play video files
        • limited to 290x162 rezolution for standard M5Stack without PSRam.
        • Higher resolutions can be used with PSRam option.
      • Display Jpeg files on the screen
      • Resize Jpeg to fit to screen size
      • Play MP3 Files using Mp3 Player App
      • Display File properties for the files that can't be open with included apps
    • Tools list
      • Wifi Packet Monitor
      • Wifi Scanner
      • I2C Scanner
      • DHT Sensor reader
        • Support any DHT sensor type
      • Stopwatch
    • Games (just for fun)
      • Tetris
      • Flappy Bird
      • Space Shooter
    • Return (to menu root)
  • System
    • System Informations
      • CPU Frequency, Number of cores, Chip Revision, Flash Speed, Current Free RAM space, Wifi MAC address, Wifi IP Address, Wifi current Mode
      • Minimum FREE heap (RAM) since the device was started, Flash Size, SPIFFS Size, SPIFFS used space, SD Card Type, SD Card Size, SD Card used space
      • Wifi Connection
        • Wifi Smart Config
        • Wifi WPS PushButton
        • Wifi WPS PIN Code
        • Wifi STA: Set Wifi to STATION (Reciever) mode
        • Wifi AP: Set Wifi to ACCESS POINT (Sender) mode
        • Wifi OFF
      • Display Backlight Settings
        • Set and save Display backlight so the settings survive reboot and flash
  • Sleep
    • Puth the device into Sleep mode
    • The device can power back on by pressing ButtonB or reset key

This Firmware also support:

  • Local OTA flashing

    • Set the M5Stack IP as Upload Port on PlatformIO then you can flash the device over WIFI
  • Remote OTA Update

    • Will check the server for new version at startup
    • If a new version was found, will update to new version

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