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Copyright (c) 2018-2020 by Botorabi. All rights reserved.

License: MIT License (MIT)
Read the LICENSE text in main directory for more details.

First Created:     May 2018
Author:            Botorabi (botorabi AT gmx DOT net)

Maintainability Test Coverage Build Status

Homie Center

Homie Center is a web application dedicated to home automation. It provides a simple control center for devices connected to a FRITZ!Box (see Homie Center is implemented using Spring Boot and Angular and runs on every device capable of running Java such as Raspberry Pi.


On a fresh clone of the repository use the script for installing the Angular dependencies. Make sure that the command npm is available on your system.

The Maven rule for packaging (mvn package) will build the entire web application along the Spring Boot and Angular projects. During the development you may want to also use the following scripts:

Use the for building the Angular project during development. Finally, use the to build the Angular project for production.

Use the script in directory distribution in order to build the application and create a complete package ready for distribution.

Running the Web Application

As expected from a Spring Boot application, running it is as simple as issuing the following command after a successful build:

java -jar target/homiecenter-< VERSION >.tar

The application settings such as a custom FRITZ!Box URL can be set in file '' which must be located in the execution directory.


Here are a few screenshots showing Homie Center's user interface.

An earlier version of the UI.

Screenshot 1

New version of the UI showing the support for Heat Controller

Screenshot 2

Statistics View - Temperature sensed by a DECT 200 over the last 24 hours

screenshot 3

A piece of mobile view

Screenshot 4

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