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import { RootStore } from './store'
declare global {
interface Window {
__BP_VISITOR_ID: string
botpressWebChat: any
store: RootStore
BOT_API_PATH: string
API_PATH: string
BOT_NAME: string
ROOT_PATH: string
BOT_ID: string
BP_BASE_PATH: string
botpress: {
[moduleName: string]: any
export namespace Renderer {
export interface Message {
type?: string
className?: string
payload?: any
store?: RootStore
bp?: StudioConnector
incomingEventId?: string
/** When true, the message isn't wrapped by its bubble */
noBubble?: boolean
keyboard?: any
eventId?: string
isHighlighted?: boolean
isLastGroup?: boolean
isLastOfGroup?: boolean
isBotMessage?: boolean
isLastMessage?: boolean
sentOn?: Date
inlineFeedback?: any
onSendData?: (data: any) => Promise<void>
onFileUpload?: (label: string, payload: any, file: File) => Promise<void>
export type Button = {
label: string
payload: any
preventDoubleClick: boolean
onButtonClick: (title: any, payload: any) => void
} & Pick<Message, 'onFileUpload'>
export type Text = {
text: string
markdown: boolean
escapeHTML: boolean
} & Message
export type QuickReply = {
buttons: any
quick_replies: any
} & Message
export type QuickReplyButton = {
allowMultipleClick: boolean
title: string
} & Button
export interface FileMessage {
file: {
url: string
name: string
storage: string
text: string
escapeTextHTML: boolean
export interface FileInput {
onFileChanged: (event: HTMLInputEvent) => void
name: string
className: string
accept: string
placeholder: string
disabled?: boolean
export interface Carousel {
elements: Card[]
settings: any
export interface Card {
picture: string
title: string
subtitle: string
buttons: CardButton[]
export interface CardButton {
url: string
title: string
type: string
payload: any
text: string
export namespace View {
export type MenuAnimations = 'fadeIn' | 'fadeOut' | undefined
/** These are the functions exposed by the studio to the modules */
export interface StudioConnector {
/** Event emitter */
events: any
/** An axios instance */
axios: any
getModuleInjector: any
loadModuleView: any
export type Config = {
botId?: string
externalAuthToken?: string
userId?: string
/** Allows to set a different user id for different windows (eg: studio, specific bot, etc) */
userIdScope?: string
enableReset: boolean
stylesheet: string
extraStylesheet: string
showConversationsButton: boolean
showUserName: boolean
showUserAvatar: boolean
showTimestamp: boolean
enableTranscriptDownload: boolean
enableArrowNavigation: boolean
botName?: string
avatarUrl?: string
/** Force the display language of the webchat (en, fr, ar, ru, etc..)
* Defaults to the user's browser language if not set
* Set to 'browser' to force use the browser's language
locale?: 'browser' | string
/** Small description written under the bot's name */
botConvoDescription?: string
/** Replace or insert components at specific locations */
overrides?: Overrides
/** When true, the widget button is hidden */
hideWidget: boolean
/** Disable the slide in / out animations of the webchat */
disableAnimations: boolean
/** When true, sets ctrl+Enter as shortcut for reset session then send */
enableResetSessionShortcut: boolean
recentConversationLifetime: string
startNewConvoOnTimeout: boolean
/** Use sessionStorage instead of localStorage, which means the session expires when tab is closed */
useSessionStorage: boolean
containerWidth?: string | number
layoutWidth?: string | number
showPoweredBy: boolean
/** When enabled, sent messages are persisted to local storage (recall previous messages) */
enablePersistHistory: boolean
/** Experimental: expose the store to the parent frame for more control on the webchat's behavior */
exposeStore: boolean
/** Reference ensures that a specific value and its signature are valid */
reference: string
type OverridableComponents = 'below_conversation' | 'before_container' | 'composer'
interface Overrides {
[componentToOverride: string]: [
module: string
component: string
interface BotDetails {
website?: string
phoneNumber?: string
termsConditions?: string
privacyPolicy?: string
emailAddress?: string
avatarUrl?: string
export interface BotInfo {
name: string
description: string
details: BotDetails
showBotInfoPage: boolean
languages: string[]
security: {
escapeHTML: boolean
interface Conversation {
id: number
last_heard_on: Date | undefined
logo_url: string | undefined
created_on: Date
description: string | undefined
title: string
/** This is the interface representing the conversations in the list */
export type ConversationSummary = {
message_sent_on: Date
message_author: string
message_author_avatar: string
message_text: string
message_type: string
} & Conversation
/** Represents the current conversation with all messages */
export type CurrentConversation = {
botId: string
messages: Message[]
userId: string
user_last_seen_on: Date | undefined
/** Event ? */
typingUntil: any
} & Conversation
export interface Message {
id: string
userId: string
incomingEventId: string
conversationId: number
avatar_url: string | undefined
full_name: string
message_data: any | undefined
message_raw: any | undefined
message_text: string | undefined
message_type: string | undefined
payload: any
sent_on: Date
// The typing delay in ms
timeInMs: number
export interface HTMLInputEvent extends Event {
target: HTMLInputElement & EventTarget
interface ChatDimensions {
* The container is the frame around the webchat.
* Setting the container bigger than the layout makes it possible to add components
container: string | number
/** The layout is the zone where the user speaks with the bot */
layout: string | number
interface CustomButton {
/** An ID to identify your button. It is required to remove it */
id: string
/** This text will be displayed when the mouse is over the button */
label?: string
/** Supply either a function or an element which will render the button */
icon: Function | JSX.Element
/** The event triggered when the button is clicked */
onClick: (buttonId: string, headerComponent: JSX.Element, event: React.MouseEvent) => void
interface CustomAction {
/** An ID to identify your action. It is required to remove it */
id: string
/** This text will be displayed in the context menu */
label: string
/** The event triggered when the action is clicked */
onClick: (actionId: string, messageProps: any, event: React.MouseEvent) => void
/** When set, this will wrap every messages displayed in the webchat */
interface MessageWrapper {
/** The name of the module hosting the component */
module: string
/** Name of the component exposed by the module */
component: string
export interface EventFeedback {
incomingEventId: string
feedback?: number
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