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@allardy allardy released this Aug 14, 2019 · 68 commits to master since this release

Release Notes


  • [Flow editor] Modifications are automatically saved
  • [Flow editor] Realtime collaboration prevents other users from editing the same flow
  • [Flow editor] Better UX: Drag&drop nodes instead of clicking and digging through menus
  • [Flow editor] Common actions are now accessible using a right click
  • Added new channel: Slack (beta)
  • Added new channel: Microsoft Teams (beta)
  • Language server can now be started in offline mode
  • New option to display timestamp for each message on Channel Web
  • UI improvements for HITL module
  • Ability to change the base URL of Botpress
  • Code editor offers a lot more customization for access control

Bug Fixes

  • Slot tagging is a lot more effective
  • Issue when using Redis where too many listeners caused a freeze
  • Converse API timeout had no default value when upgrading
  • More resilience for the language server (ensures metadata is valid before replacing)
  • Bots are now correctly migrated when imported from a previous version
  • Clearing actions & hooks require cache when using the database to sync files
  • When a node is missing a connection on the flow editor, it ends the discussion instead of throwing an error
  • Removed recurrent warnings
  • Ghost auto-sync was causing some issues and was replaced with a manual pull/push
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