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import redis
import inspect
class RedisPlugin(object):
name = 'redis'
def __init__(self,host='localhost',port=6379,database=0,keyword='rdb'): = host
self.port = port
self.database = database
self.keyword = keyword
self.redisdb = None
def setup(self,app):
for other in app.plugins:
if not isinstance(other,RedisPlugin): continue
if other.keyword == self.keyword:
raise PluginError("Found another redis plugin with "\
"conflicting settings (non-unique keyword).")
if self.redisdb is None:
self.redisdb = redis.ConnectionPool(, port=self.port, db=self.database)
def apply(self,callback,context):
conf = context['config'].get('redis') or {}
args = inspect.getargspec(context['callback'])[0]
keyword = conf.get('keyword',self.keyword)
if keyword not in args:
return callback
def wrapper(*args,**kwargs):
kwargs[self.keyword] = redis.Redis(connection_pool=self.redisdb)
rv = callback(*args, **kwargs)
return rv
return wrapper
Plugin = RedisPlugin
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