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Fix: Template cache now depends on the ID of the lookup path list.

Templates got mixed up in multi-app setups.
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defnull committed Jul 20, 2012
1 parent b652c4f commit cecbd04fc80e44f0b422b5bb7a894563102bed7f
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@@ -3089,21 +3089,22 @@ def template(*args, **kwargs):
or directly (as keyword arguments).
tpl = args[0] if args else None
template_adapter = kwargs.pop('template_adapter', SimpleTemplate)
adapter = kwargs.pop('template_adapter', SimpleTemplate)
lookup = kwargs.pop('template_lookup', TEMPLATE_PATH)
tplid = (id(lookup), tpl)
if tpl not in TEMPLATES or DEBUG:
settings = kwargs.pop('template_settings', {})
lookup = kwargs.pop('template_lookup', TEMPLATE_PATH)
if isinstance(tpl, template_adapter):
TEMPLATES[tpl] = tpl
if settings: TEMPLATES[tpl].prepare(**settings)
if isinstance(tpl, adapter):
TEMPLATES[tplid] = tpl
if settings: TEMPLATES[tplid].prepare(**settings)
elif "\n" in tpl or "{" in tpl or "%" in tpl or '$' in tpl:
TEMPLATES[tpl] = template_adapter(source=tpl, lookup=lookup, **settings)
TEMPLATES[tplid] = adapter(source=tpl, lookup=lookup, **settings)
TEMPLATES[tpl] = template_adapter(name=tpl, lookup=lookup, **settings)
if not TEMPLATES[tpl]:
TEMPLATES[tplid] = adapter(name=tpl, lookup=lookup, **settings)
if not TEMPLATES[tplid]:
abort(500, 'Template (%s) not found' % tpl)
for dictarg in args[1:]: kwargs.update(dictarg)
return TEMPLATES[tpl].render(kwargs)
return TEMPLATES[tplid].render(kwargs)
mako_template = functools.partial(template, template_adapter=MakoTemplate)
cheetah_template = functools.partial(template, template_adapter=CheetahTemplate)

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