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Easily run Windows Software using Bottles

Bottles DarkBottles Light

📚 Documentation

Before opening a new issue, check if the topic has already been covered in our documentation.

Please note that some pages of the documentation are still being written.

🗣 Help Bottles speak your language

Read here how to translate Bottles to your language or how to help improve existing ones.

🦾 Features

  • Create bottles based on environments (a set of rules and dependencies)
  • Access to a customizable environment for all your experiments
  • Automated installers
  • Run every executable (.exe/.msi/.bat) in your bottles, using the context menu in your file manager
  • Integrated management and storage for executable file arguments
  • Support for custom environment variables
  • Simplified DLL overrides
  • Manage and install multiple wine/proton/dxvk versions and on-the-fly change
  • Various optimizations for better gaming performance (esync, fsync, dxvk, cache, shader compiler, offload ... and much more.)
  • Tweak different wine prefix settings, without leaving Bottles
  • Automated dxvk installation
  • System for checking runner updates for the bottle and automatic repair in case of breakage
  • Integrated Dependencies installer with compatibility check based on a community-driven repository
  • Detection of installed programs
  • Integrated Task manager for wine processes
  • Easy access to ProtonDB and WineHQ for support
  • Configurations update system across Bottles versions
  • Backup and Import bottles from older version and from other managers (Lutris, POL, ..)
  • Bottles versioning
  • ... and much more that you can find by installing Bottles!

🚧 Work in progress

  • Layers (dependencies and programs on different layers) #510

↗️ Install

Bottles is officially provided as Flatpak.

Read here how to install Bottles on your distribution.

Notices for package maintainers

We are happy to see packaged Bottles but we ask you to respect some small rules:

  • The package must be bottles. In other distributions it is possible to use suffixes (e.g. bottles-git on Arch Linux for the git based package) while on others the RDNN format is required (e.g. com.usebottles.bottles on elementary OS and Flathub repository). All other nomenclatures are discouraged.
  • Do not package external files and do not make changes to the code, no hard script. Obviously with the exception of files essential for packaging.
  • Package version should follow the CalVer model ( and the release cycle of the project. Bottles has 2 releases per month: one on 14th and one on 28th. When a hotfix is released, this will be appended to the release version (e.g. 2022.2.14-1). Bottles has a codename too which is not mandatory and currently only used by the Flatpak.


Shortcut Action
Ctrl+Q Close Bottles
Ctrl+R Reload the Bottles list
F1 Go to the documentation
Esc Go back


Code of Conduct

This project follows the GNOME Code of Conduct. You are expected to follow it in all Bottles spaces, such as this repository, project's social media, messenger chats and forums. Bigotry and harassment will not be tolerated.