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πŸ€– A JavaScript framework to create conversational UIs
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A JavaScript framework to create conversational UIs.

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Showcase πŸŽ‡βœ¨

We are listing all the cool projects that people are building with BotUI, here. See others' and add yours!

Quick look


<div class="botui-app-container" id="botui-app">
var botui = new BotUI('botui-app') // id of container{ // show first message
  delay: 200,
  content: 'hello'
}).then(() => {
  return{ // second one
    delay: 1000, // wait 1 sec.
    content: 'how are you?'
}).then(() => {
  return botui.action.button({ // let user do something
    delay: 1000,
    action: [
        text: 'Good',
        value: 'good'
        text: 'Really Good',
        value: 'really_good'
}).then(res => {
    delay: 1000,
    content: `You are feeling ${res.text}!`


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MIT License - Copyrights (c) 2017-18 - Moin Uddin

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