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Bots on

On top of a few people testing their bots, we have the following integrations:

Dopewars Bot Make a fortune dealing drugs on the streets of new york... on Slack.



A Slack-based Pokemon game that lets you battle against a bot. I changed the keyword to Pokemon, so, for example, to start a game you'd type something like Pokemon, battle me!. (Also note that punctuation will be ignored.)

See the list of commands on the original GitHub page.

It would be really nice to turn this into a real game, for example, give people who join the #games-pokemon channel three random Pokemons, let players battle each other and win/lose Pokemons.

Anything's possible on Slack :-)



Add memes to Slack with ease.



See screenshot above. You can use this bot in any channel -- with a reasonable frequency.



A sort of "charades with emoji" game. There is a dedicated channel #games-memoji.

The original idea behind MeMoji was to have people create their own games (using /memoji create {phrase} {emoji list}), but there's a few built-in phrases. You can start a new game with /memoji start (after a game is over, you will have to start a new game again) and then make your guess with /memoji guess {phrase}.

For more commands see



And of course, our very own @botwikibot/Sidekick. It's still a very early work in progress, but it can say hello and helps monitor our #twitter-firehose channel.


We also have the Food and Startups emoji packs from