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Translating the content

We are now in phase one of translating the content. During this phase we are only translating the bot pages as the content of the other pages may still change significantly.

For example translations, see

(Look for the "also available in" link.)

The process

Let's say you want to translate

  1. Create a new issue on the Botwiki GitHub repo and list the bots you want to translate. Hint -- you can use checkboxes to track your progress.
  2. After cloning the repo, create a copy of the file /content/bots/twitterbots/ in the same folder, and name it 11_11_bot_xx, where xx is the language code (ISO 639-1).
  3. Looking at the actual .md file, add (xx) after the Title (see Pico issue #140), update the Author tag to your name or your most common online username, then update Date to the current date using the format most common in your country, and finally, add a new tag below called Language: xx.
  4. In the original file, add a tag Translations: followed by xx. If the Translations tag is already present, simply append a comma and a new language code (no spaces), for example Translations: es,it.
  5. Translate the content of the page, in this case it would be:
[@11_11_bot]( is a Twitter bot created by [@swayandsea]( that will remind of your own mortality, daily.

And that's it! You can look at this finished translation as an example.

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