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package com.hzitoun.camera2SecretPictureTaker.listeners;
import java.util.TreeMap;
* Picture capturing listener
* @author hzitoun (
public interface PictureCapturingListener {
* a callback called when we've done taking a picture from a single camera
* (use this method if you don't want to wait for ALL taken pictures to be ready @see onDoneCapturingAllPhotos)
* @param pictureUrl taken picture's location on the device
* @param pictureData taken picture's data as a byte array
void onCaptureDone(String pictureUrl, byte[] pictureData);
* a callback called when we've done taking pictures from ALL AVAILABLE cameras
* OR when NO camera was detected on the device
* @param picturesTaken : a Map<PictureUrl, PictureData>
void onDoneCapturingAllPhotos(TreeMap<String, byte[]> picturesTaken);