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PHP Code Interview Task

For testing all necessary skills what you should know.

Tested areas

  • Orientation in code
  • Creating abstract and isolated functionality
  • Creating readable code

Before you start

For running test scripts you need some way how to run PHP 7.1. Here is some options:

Option 1. - DOCKER ( "pssst ... we like this one more ;-)" )

There is prepared docker composer with all you need in docker folder.

So just install docker with docker composer and run command docker-compose up in this folder.

Option 2. - PHP

Or you can install PHP directly to you machine.

TIP: Simplest installation for MacOS:

Then just go to www directory and run php -S and Profit!

Task assignment

You have prepared service definition DataPrinter which use so called strategy pattern. It's mean that it has bunch of interfaces and it counts for getting objects implements this interfaces to constructor.

This service is really simple. Load data from IDataLoader, format it to printable string via IPrintFormatter and then send this string to IPrinter. You have already prepared Printer class definition.

1. Creating data loader

Create abstract class definition of file data loader which will be compatible with DataPrinter constructor.

Then create two classes extended this abstract file data loader for loading CSV and XML files. You can find test data in folder data.

Output of this services is array of associative arrays like this:

        'FirstName' => 'John',
        'LastName' => 'Doe',
        'City' => 'New York'
    ], [...], [...]

2. Creating print formatter

Create class definition of print formatter which will be compatible with DataPrinter constructor and will be able to format output of data loader to JSON string.

3. Creating data printer factory

When you have all necessary parts, create factory which will return DataPrinter instance and as parameters in create method you pass data file path and which format this file is (XML or CSV).