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Commits on Oct 12, 2010
  1. @rkh
  2. @rkh
  3. @rkh

    Minor markup fix in README.

    rkh authored
  4. @rkh
  5. @sr @rkh

    fix test for haml 3

    sr authored rkh committed
  6. @rkh

    Fix typo in README.

    Lee Jarvis authored rkh committed
    Signed-off-by: Konstantin Haase <>
  7. @rkh

    Fix markup

    rkh authored
  8. @rkh
  9. @rkh

    Minor README adjustments.

    rkh authored
  10. @rkh
  11. @rkh

    Remove Sinatra::Delegator sidebar (now covered by Scopes), keep "Have…

    rkh authored
    … a look at the code for yourself" paragraph, but move it into Scopes.
  12. @rkh

    Proof-reading Scopes section

    rkh authored
  13. @rkh
  14. @michelc @rkh

    Added a transition to better explain that templates must be defined w…

    michelc authored rkh committed
    …ith symbols.
    Signed-off-by: Konstantin Haase <>
  15. @xentek @rkh

    MOD: docs for testing forgot to require test/unit

    xentek authored rkh committed
  16. @shreeve @rkh

    correct the HTTP status code range

    shreeve authored rkh committed
  17. @rkh

    Update year in LICENSE

    rkh authored
  18. @rkh

    Minor README improvements.

    rkh authored
  19. @rkh
  20. @rkh

    Simplify streaming example.

    rkh authored
  21. @rkh

    Fix streaming example.

    rkh authored
  22. @rkh
  23. @rkh
  24. @rkh
  25. @rkh
  26. @rkh
  27. @rkh
  28. @rkh
  29. @rkh
  30. @rkh
  31. @sr @rkh

    lighthouse => github issue

    sr authored rkh committed
  32. @jstewart @rkh

    Correction to erubis template rendering instructions

    jstewart authored rkh committed
    Signed-off-by: Simon Rozet <>
  33. @rkh
  34. @dougireton @rkh
  35. @dougireton @rkh

    In README docs, fix links to HAML and SASS Options pages.

    dougireton authored rkh committed
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