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pke - python keyphrase extraction

pke is an open source python-based keyphrase extraction toolkit. It provides an end-to-end keyphrase extraction pipeline in which each component can be easily modified or extended to develop new models. pke also allows for easy benchmarking of state-of-the-art keyphrase extraction models, and ships with supervised models trained on the SemEval-2010 dataset.

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To pip install pke from github:

pip install git+

pke also requires external resources that can be obtained using:

python -m nltk.downloader stopwords
python -m nltk.downloader universal_tagset
python -m spacy download en_core_web_sm # download the english model

As of April 2019, pke only supports Python 3.6+.

Minimal example

pke provides a standardized API for extracting keyphrases from a document. Start by typing the 5 lines below. For using another model, simply replace pke.unsupervised.TopicRank with another model (list of implemented models).

import pke

# initialize keyphrase extraction model, here TopicRank
extractor = pke.unsupervised.TopicRank()

# load the content of the document, here document is expected to be in raw
# format (i.e. a simple text file) and preprocessing is carried out using spacy
extractor.load_document(input='/path/to/input.txt', language='en')

# keyphrase candidate selection, in the case of TopicRank: sequences of nouns
# and adjectives (i.e. `(Noun|Adj)*`)

# candidate weighting, in the case of TopicRank: using a random walk algorithm

# N-best selection, keyphrases contains the 10 highest scored candidates as
# (keyphrase, score) tuples
keyphrases = extractor.get_n_best(n=10)

A detailed example is provided in the examples/ directory.

Getting started

Tutorials and code documentation are available at

Implemented models

pke currently implements the following keyphrase extraction models:

Citing pke

If you use pke, please cite the following paper:

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