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Lucee on Jetty


Lucee on Jetty is a project offering a Lucee package that is easy to use and provides a fully functional & capable web server, whilst also documenting how everything has been done so it can be understood and adapted as needed.

This repository contains the template for bundling Lucee with Jetty. It uses Jetty's home/base functionality to simplify the process and avoid the need to modify the Jetty files.

How to build

The build directory contains a bash build script, but the basic process is:

  1. cp src -> {target}
  2. unzip -> {target}/jetty-home
  3. cp lucee-X.jar -> {target}/modules/lucee/lib
  4. update versions in {target}/README.TXT
  5. zip {target}

That's all there is to it.


Lucee on Jetty is a project created and maintained by Peter Boughton, licensed under the LGPLv3, aside from the documentation and wiki which is CC BY-SA v4.0.

This repository does not contain Lucee or Jetty themselves; these have their own licenses (Lucee: LGPLv2; Jetty: Apache License 2.0 or EPLv2).


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