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package funcs
import (
_ "unsafe"
var Funcs = map[string]interface{}{
"and": And,
"or": Or,
"not": Not,
"eq": Eq,
"ne": Ne,
"lt": Lt,
"le": Le,
"gt": Gt,
"ge": Ge,
"index": Index,
"len": Length,
"call": Call,
"html": Html,
"js": Js,
"urlquery": Urlquery,
"print": Print,
"printf": Printf,
"println": Println,
"_html_template_attrescaper": Attrescaper,
"_html_template_commentescaper": Commentescaper,
"_html_template_cssescaper": Cssescaper,
"_html_template_cssvaluefilter": Cssvaluefilter,
"_html_template_htmlnamefilter": Htmlnamefilter,
"_html_template_htmlescaper": Htmlescaper,
"_html_template_jsregexpescaper": Jsregexpescaper,
"_html_template_jsstrescaper": Jsstrescaper,
"_html_template_jsvalescaper": Jsvalescaper,
"_html_template_nospaceescaper": Htmlnospaceescaper,
"_html_template_rcdataescaper": Rcdataescaper,
"_html_template_urlescaper": Urlescaper,
"_html_template_urlfilter": Urlfilter,
"_html_template_urlnormalizer": Urlnormalizer,
//go:linkname and text/template.and
func and(arg0 interface{}, args ...interface{}) interface{}
func And(arg0 interface{}, args ...interface{}) interface{} {
return and(arg0, args...)
//go:linkname or text/template.or
func or(arg0 interface{}, args ...interface{}) interface{}
func Or(arg0 interface{}, args ...interface{}) interface{} {
return or(arg0, args...)
//go:linkname not text/template.not
func not(arg interface{}) bool
func Not(arg interface{}) bool {
return not(arg)
//go:linkname eq text/template.eq
func eq(arg1 interface{}, arg2 ...interface{}) (bool, error)
func Eq(arg1 interface{}, arg2 ...interface{}) (bool, error) {
return eq(arg1, arg2...)
//go:linkname ne text/
func ne(arg1, arg2 interface{}) (bool, error)
func Ne(arg1, arg2 interface{}) (bool, error) {
return ne(arg1, arg2)
//go:linkname lt text/
func lt(arg1, arg2 interface{}) (bool, error)
func Lt(arg1, arg2 interface{}) (bool, error) {
return lt(arg1, arg2)
//go:linkname le text/template.le
func le(arg1, arg2 interface{}) (bool, error)
func Le(arg1, arg2 interface{}) (bool, error) {
return le(arg1, arg2)
//go:linkname gt text/
func gt(arg1, arg2 interface{}) (bool, error)
func Gt(arg1, arg2 interface{}) (bool, error) {
return gt(arg1, arg2)
//go:linkname ge text/
func ge(arg1, arg2 interface{}) (bool, error)
func Ge(arg1, arg2 interface{}) (bool, error) {
return ge(arg1, arg2)
//go:linkname index text/template.index
func index(item interface{}, indices ...interface{}) (interface{}, error)
func Index(item interface{}, indices ...interface{}) (interface{}, error) {
return index(item, indices...)
//go:linkname length text/template.length
func length(item interface{}) (int, error)
func Length(item interface{}) (int, error) {
return length(item)
//go:linkname call text/
func call(fn interface{}, args ...interface{}) (interface{}, error)
func Call(fn interface{}, args ...interface{}) (interface{}, error) {
return call(fn, args...)
func Html(args ...interface{}) string {
return template.HTMLEscaper(args...)
func Js(args ...interface{}) string {
return template.JSEscaper(args...)
func Urlquery(args ...interface{}) string {
return template.URLQueryEscaper(args...)
func Print(a ...interface{}) string {
return fmt.Sprint(a...)
func Printf(format string, a ...interface{}) string {
return fmt.Sprintf(format, a...)
func Println(a ...interface{}) string {
return fmt.Sprintln(a...)