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ACF Custom Mod made by Bouletmarc (Unofficial ACF Mod)
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bouletmarc ACF Custom Mod - V1.3.7
--Fixed Changelog was display bad version
--Fixed 'EM' stall sound glitch
--Fixed 'MGB' was normal with 'EM'
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Armoured Combat Framework :

The Armoured Combat Framework is a Garry's Mod addon which creates a balanced, realistic and fun to play combat damage system, simulating projectiles, armor and explosions, as well as engines and gearboxes.

Original ACF are needed to run the Custom mod and you can get the Original ACF HERE.

ACF Custom Mod :

The Custom Mod are Made By Bouletmarc to improve garry's mod ACF Gaming, this mod was made for Racing's at first, but it can be used for lot of things.

--Engine Maker

--Custom Engine's

--CVT Gearboxes

--Airplanes Gearboxes

--Vtec Chips

--Engine Performance Chips

--Engine Radiators

--Nos Bottles

--Custom Texture's

--Customized ACF Menu

--LOT More

Tips :

-The Custom Mod was the first to create the CVT gearbox, and his CVT are not same as Original ACF.

-Engines have rev limiter sound, can be disabled by wiring 'DisableCut' to a value(0-1).

-ANY engines not require fuel, even electrics, turbines, etc.

-Linking a fuel tank add 25% torque and the fuel tank weight.

-When you stop a engine, he stop progressively.

-Have Custom E2 functions.

-Custom Mod have more sounds, more engines, and even old models again.

-sbox_max_acf_modding (0-1) allow engines modding (wire inputs).

-sbox_max_acf_extra (Value) equal the number of acf extras allowed.

-sbox_max_acf_maker (Value) equal the number of engines maker allowed

-Anyone can use the Custom Mod on the server, even if the client did not installed it.

Credits :

Owner's :

Nrlulz - Original ACF

Bouletmarc - ACF Custom Mod (also know as Bouletmarc24)

Gamerpaddy - ACF Unofficial Extras

Contributor's :






General Wrex









Non-Stop Joker

And Probably few mores. Thanks to Everyone.

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