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Expose metric filters

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@AeroNotix AeroNotix authored puzza007 committed
Failed to load latest commit information. Fix for compatibility.
folsom.erl Supprt for spiral in application config.
folsom_ets.erl Add new_spiral/2
folsom_ewma.erl Add ewma for day suport, add tests
folsom_meter_timer_server.erl Unregister a timer for deleted meters
folsom_metrics.erl Expose metric filters
folsom_metrics_counter.erl Remove counters from folsom counters table on delete operation
folsom_metrics_duration.erl Expose metric filters
folsom_metrics_gauge.erl license and header changes
folsom_metrics_histogram.erl Performance improvements to spiral, counter, histogram & spiral_uniform
folsom_metrics_histogram_ets.erl have histogram ets tables created by a folsom process
folsom_metrics_history.erl Use anonymous table for history (like histogram reservoir)
folsom_metrics_meter.erl Add ewma for day suport, add tests
folsom_metrics_meter_reader.erl meter reader initial merge
folsom_metrics_spiral.erl Add new_spiral/2
folsom_sample.erl Add histogram of type 'slide_sorted'
folsom_sample_exdec.erl fix exdec paper link
folsom_sample_none.erl Fix histogram of type 'none'
folsom_sample_slide.erl Added a test case for downsizing sliding window
folsom_sample_slide_server.erl Added ability to resize sliding window
folsom_sample_slide_sorted.erl Add histogram of type 'slide_sorted'
folsom_sample_slide_sup.erl Let the slide server crash and stay crashed after multiple errors
folsom_sample_slide_uniform.erl Added a test case for downsizing sliding window
folsom_sample_uniform.erl fix error in sample_uniform that caused non-random sampling of large
folsom_sup.erl Add a 'spiral' one minute sliding window count/meter
folsom_utils.erl Add new_spiral/2
folsom_vm_metrics.erl clean up superfluous brackets
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