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folsom based metrics via HTTP and JSON

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This is an application that exposes folsom metrics via http using webmachine.


    > folsom_webmachine_sup:start_link().
    > application:start(folsom).


Query the list of available metrics:

    $ curl http://localhost:5565/_metrics

Query a specific metric:

    $ curl http://localhost:5565/_metrics/name

Create a new metric:

    $ curl -X PUT http://localhost:5565/_metrics -d '{"id": "a", "type": "counter"}' -H "Content-Type: application/json"

Update a metric:

    $ curl -X PUT http://localhost:5565/_metrics/a -d '{"value" : {"inc": 1}}' -H "Content-Type: application/json"

Delete a metric:

    $ curl -X DELETE http://localhost:5565/_metrics/a

Query Erlang VM metrics:

    $ curl http://localhost:5565/_memory

Query Erlang VM stats:

    $ curl http://localhost:5565/_statistics

Query Erlang VM information:

    $ curl http://localhost:5565/_system


    $ curl http://localhost:5565/_metrics/a

     $ curl http://localhost:5565/_metrics/test


     $ curl http://localhost:5565/_memory
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