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app make geoserver url configurable since SFMTA now has it at the root level
externals fix for #17 thanks to @ahocevar
mobile Add zoom button
scripts make sure paths match with database paths
sql add sql script
src/main/webapp/WEB-INF Updating build targets and debug app
.gitignore get the application to build again in production, does not work as ye…
.gitmodules WIP on getting build to work again
buildjs.cfg show security popup in desktop as well

Ready GXP

The intention of this project is to provide a simple reusable template for GeoExt applications bound for a servlet container.


curl | sh -s myapp

Enhancements to come later. For now, an application can be run as follows:

Debug Mode

Loads all scripts uncompressed.

ant init
ant debug

This will give you an application available at http://localhost:8080/ by default. You only need to run ant init once (or any time dependencies change).

Prepare App for Deployment

To create a servlet run the following:


The servlet will be assembled in the build directory.

SQL View for notes search

For notes search, the following SQL View named DOCS_NOTES_SEARCH needs to be set up in GeoServer

select * from docs where '%text%' = 'empty' or doc_id in (select doc_id from docs_notes where note like '%%text%%')

The SQL param is named text and its default value is empty. DOC_ID should be marked as identifier.

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