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use item layer name instead of feature type

The item layer name is better to use because the user could have
modified the layer before proceeding with the import. Using the feature
type name would have overrided the user's input.
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rmarianski committed Oct 15, 2012
1 parent e7fa2b3 commit 2ecef9b53188e9616889c3dc8670b4bb0cb9f144
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  1. +1 −1 importer/src/main/java/org/opengeo/data/importer/
@@ -840,7 +840,7 @@ void loadIntoDataStore(ImportItem item, DataStoreInfo store, VectorFormat format
ImportData data = item.getTask().getData();
FeatureReader reader =, item);
SimpleFeatureType featureType = (SimpleFeatureType) reader.getFeatureType();
- String featureTypeName = featureType.getName().getLocalPart();
+ String featureTypeName = item.getLayer().getName();
DataStore dataStore = (DataStore) store.getDataStore(null);
FeatureDataConverter featureDataConverter = FeatureDataConverter.DEFAULT;

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