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This project aims to provide a Python library for configuring GeoServer via its RESTConfig extension. The RESTConfig API itself is documented in the GeoServer Users Manual .

Getting Started

  1. $ python setup.py install
  2. Try it out in the python prompt:
>>> from geoserver.catalog import Catalog
>>> cat = Catalog("http://localhost:8080/geoserver/rest", "admin", "geoserver")
>>> cat.get_layers()
[Layer[Arc_Sample], Layer[Pk50095], Layer[Img_Sample], ...


If you want to write patches for gsconfig.py, great! It’ll make it easier for me to pull in patches if they include updates to the test suite (and the tests keep passing ;). Running the test suite relies on having a GeoServer with RESTConfig running at http://localhost:8080/geoserver/. I run this GeoServer straight from source via mvn jetty:run; you can see the full command at this gist .