A plugin to manage and use GeoGig repositories from QGIS
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GeoGig QGIS Plugin (OLD)

This is a QGIS plugin to work with GeoGig repositories

WARNING: This plugin have been deprecated. Please use qgis-geogiglight-plugin instead.


To install, download the plugin bundle from here. It contains the plugin itself and GeoGig. There is no need to install GeoGig separately.

At the moment, the plugin works only in OSX and Windows.

Unzip the bundle zip file into [your_user_folder]/.qgis2/python/plugins/ (You may need to create this directory). You should have a geogig folder under the QGIS plugins folder.

Open QGIS and make sure that the plugin is enabled, by opening the QGIS Plugin Manager.


Usage is documented here