Javascript SDK based on React, Redux and OpenLayers
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Boundless SDK


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Javascript SDK based on React, OpenLayers and Redux.

For the previous version, please see the 1.x branch instead.

Running Project

To run the examples,

First, clone the project: git clone

Then change into directory of cloned project: cd sdk

Create a file with the name .env in the root of your sdk directory and add your Mapbox API key in there:

MAPBOX_API_KEY=<your key here>

After this, run the following commands:

npm install - install libraries

npm run build:examples - build examples from templates

npm start - start webpack-dev-server

The last command should open your browser to a page of examples: http://localhost:3000/build/examples

Using the SDK source to develop a local project

Please read on how to create the SDK package and link to it locally.


If npm start fails review node version, SDK targets v6.0 or greater. On OSX node install can be error prone, seems to work best when installed by Brew

Running tests

The test suite will skip a number of tests unless the canvas module has been installed.

For more details on installing canvas and other important developer notes please read