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OpenGeo Suite README

These instructions how to build the OpenGeo Suite platform independent components. It does not include PostGIS.


The following software packages are required to build the suite.


If you build GeoTools, GeoServer, or GeoWebCache with maven locally for other projects you should skip this quickstart and follow the entire set of instructions.

  1. Clone the repository:

    % git clone git:// suite
    % cd suite
  2. Initialize submodule dependencies:

    % git submodule update --init --recursive
  3. Do a full build:

    % mvn clean install -Dfull

Build Environment

If you don't build GeoTools, GeoServer, or GeoWebCache locally on a regular basis you can skip this section.

The suite builds its own internal versions of many components like GeoTools and GeoServer. To keep these builds separate it is recommended that you set up an virtual environment for the suite build.

Tools like virtualenv and virtualenvwrapper are useful for creating virtual environments with configuration specific to a particular project. It is recommended that you set up a "virtualenv" specifically for the suite. In that virtualenv you can configure custom settings for maven, etc...

Maven Setup

Due to the fact that GeoServer depends on GeoTools and GeoWebCache via SNAPSHOT versions, Maven must be configured to not download SNAPSHOT versions from any online repositories that publish GeoTools and GeoWebCache artifacts.

If you don't build GeoServer, GeoTools, or GeoWebCache locally for other projects then you can skip the part in settings.xml about a custom repository.

Set up a custom settings.xml file:

 <localRepository>[path to custom maven repository]</localRepository>
      <name>Open Source Geospatial Foundation Repository</name>
      <name>MapFish Repository</name>

This file must be used for maven builds. An easy way to do this is to alias the mvn command:

% alias mvn="mvn -s /path/to/settings.xml"

Note: If using a custom settings.xml, the settings must be passed into the GeoServer externals build during a full build. This is done by:

% mvn clean install -Dfull -Dmvn.settings=/path/to/settings.xml

Repository Setup

The suite repository contains submodules that pull in external dependencies. After cloning the repository you must initialize the submodules:

% git clone git:// suite
% cd suite
% git submodule init
% git submodule sync
% git submodule update


If you are building the suite locally for the first time you must do a full build:

% mvn clean install -Dfull

The above command will build everything, including all external dependencies. Dropping the -Dfull flag will only build the core suite components:

% mvn clean install

To build a distribution a full build must first be completed. After which the following command is used:

% mvn assembly:attached

Resulting artifacts will be located in the target directory.

The build and assembly commands can also be merged into one:

% mvn clean install assembly:attached -Dfull

Building GeoServer Externals

As mentioned above the suite pulls in many external components as submodules. The ones required to build the OpenGeo Suite GeoServer are located in the geoserver/externals directory and include GeoServer itself, GeoTools, and GeoWebCache.

During a suite maven build these externals are only built if the -Dfull flag is specified.

Custom Build Flags

Each of these externals is built with a separate maven process so flags such as -o (offline) are not propagated. To propagate custom flags to the respective build commands specific properties must be set.

  • gs.flags - GeoServer build flags
  • gs-exts.flags - GeoServer Extensions build flags
  • gt.flags - GeoTools build flags
  • gwc.flags - GeoWebCache build flags

For instance, perhaps we want to enable a GeoServer extension that is typically not built and distributed with the suite. The following command can be used:

% mvn clean install -Dfull -Dgs.flags="-P app-schema"

Often the build of one the submodules fails. For projects like GeoTools that contain many modules rebuilding all previously built modules is onerous. The -rf maven option can be used to restart the build from a particular module:

% mvn clean install -Dfull -Dgt.flags="-rf modules/library/render"

Offline Builds

Offline builds are useful in projects like the suite and its dependents that contain SNAPSHOT dependencies. However as mentioned above because the externals are built with a separate maven command, the offline switch will not be propagated. The -Doffline flag is used to signal to the respective builds that offline mode should be used:

% mvn clean install -Dfull -Doffline

Building PDFs

The build will attempt to build PDF versions of the installation documentation if the pdflatex command is avaialble on the PATH. If the command is not avaialable the build will skip PDF generation.

The pdflatex requires installing Latex which can be tricky depending on the platform. On Ubuntu systems install the following packages:

% apt-get install texlive-latex-recommended texlive-latex-extra texlive-fonts-recommended
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