Workshop materials relating to open source projects that we participate in or products we support.
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Boundless Workshops Repository

This repository is for all free (Creative Commons) workshop materials created and/or hosted by Boundless. These workshops can be found in built form on Boundless Connect.

Directory structure


  • The actual workshops.
  • Do not create copies of workshops in this repo.
  • Clone the git repository, do your work, merge back any updates to the master workshop.


  • Sphinx themes, referenced in
    • html_theme_path should relatively reference this directory
    • html_theme selects which theme to use


A workshop may depend on external data and/or software:

    • Your workshop should note the versions required
    • Your workshop should include a URL to download the software
    • Don't check software into the repository
  • DATA
    • Your workshop should include a URL to download a zip file of the data
    • Workshop data should be stored and linked to.
    • You should name your zip file with a date or version number to allow old versions of the workshop to have a longer lifespan