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What is Libenom ??

Libenom is a tool created for make more easy and fast the creation of payloads with MSFvenom and get all the data generated ordered.

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:exclamation: Requirements

  • A linux distribution for pentesting or Ubuntu, Debian, Mint

  • Recommended Kali Linux 2.0 sana or 2016.1 rolling, Parrot OS, Blackarch, Dracos ,Lionsec

  • :book: Getting Started

    git clone
    cd libenom
    chmod +x

    How it works:

    Execute "./" to show all the options. For example you can first create a profile named "profile1" with "-c" option and assign it to the msfvenom parameters

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    After that you can execute it "./ -x profile1", delete it "-d" or read "-r"

    Also you have some pre created msfconsole listeners for a "reverse_tcp" conexion

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  • Added new option to edit IDs

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