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Widget authorization for a Solid webapp
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A ready-to-use connect/register widget for Solid webapp, as add-on library for node-solid-server.

-- registering to be done, but all parameters are fonctional --

Returns cookies

If 'connected to the Solid pod' and after 'checking/creating appRootUri for appRoot' (do not check/create appFileUri) returns localStorage cookies.

var uriRoot = localStorage.getItem(appRootUri); var uriFile = localStorage.getItem(appFileUri);


const SolidFile = require('solid-file-client')
const Widget = require("solid-file-widget")
<script src=""></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="../build/widget.js"></script>
const solidFile = SolidFileClient;

// ...

var uriRoot = localStorage.getItem(appRoot);
var uriFile = localStorage.getItem(appFile);

const widget = new Widget(solidFile, {
	solidAppName : "appname",
	appFolder : "/public/foldername"


// ...


The widget has some configuration options to customize the behavior:

Option Description Type Default
leaveOpen Keep the widget open when user clicks outside of it Boolean false
autoCloseAfter Timeout after which the widget closes automatically (in milliseconds). The widget only closes when a storage is connected. Number 1500
skipInitial Don't show the initial connect hint, but show sign-in screen directly instead Boolean false
logging Enable logging for debugging purposes Boolean false
windowReload Browser reload on connect/disconnect Boolean true
solidAppName app name registered in Solid pod TypeIndex String ""
appFolder app root folder registered in Solid pod TypeIndex String from TypeIndex or '/public'
appFile app file registered in Solid pod TypeIndex String from TypeIndex

Available Functions

attach(elementID) - Attach the widget to the DOM and display it. You can use an optional element ID that the widget should be attached to. Otherwise it will be attached to the body.

While the attach() method is required for the widget to be actually shown, the following functions are usually not needed. They allow for fine-tuning the experience.

close() - Close/minimize the widget to only show the icon.

open() - Open the widget when it is minimized.

toggle() - Switch between open and closed state.

Development / Customization

Install deps:

npm install

Build, run and watch demo/test app:

npm start

The demo app will then be served at http://localhost:8008


Many thanks for inspiration from and from

copyright (c) 2019 Alain Bourgeois may be freely used with MIT license

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