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Tiddlywiki SyncAdaptorModules for node-solid-server
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Tiddlywiki SyncAdaptorModule for node-solid-server To login to the Solid pod it uses solid-file-widget

Save your tiddlers to your Solid pod!

Works anywhere, just grab the plugin on $:/plugins/fiatjaf/remoteStorage, save, reload, optionally change your preferences on $:/plugins/bourgeoa/nodesolidserver/config and you'll be good to go.

Your tiddlers will be saved on your Solid Pod to /public/tiddlers/<chosen-namespace>/.

  • <chosen-namespace> defaults to "main".

For any help on tiddlywiki.

Just start using it now

If you're just starting a new TiddlyWiki you don't have to bother installing anything, just visit login to your Solid pod and start writing, everything will be saved on your Solid pod.

When you connect in the future you will find your 'tiddlers' listed under you 'tags' or under 'untagged'.


Many thanks for inspiration from, and from

copyright (c) 2019 Alain Bourgeois may be freely used with MIT license

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